Illuminating Futures in Watts

Youth Waves Beyond Watts, Inc. stands as a symbol of hope, dedicated to breaking the cycle of incarceration and elevating young lives. By focusing on empowerment, education, and community engagement, we aspire to be the catalyst for resilient, responsible, and thriving teenagers who will shape a brighter future for Watts and beyond.

Our Mission

Igniting Potential, Championing Growth, and Building Community: Youth Waves Beyond Watts, Inc. is dedicated to igniting the untapped potential within Watts’ youth. By combining sports empowerment, holistic support, and enriching experiences, we champion their growth and resilience, transforming lives and paving the way for brighter futures while building a community of empowered leaders who inspire positive change.

Our Vision

Empowering Watts’ Youth to Create a Future Without Boundaries: Our vision is a future where Watts’ youth transcend physical and emotional boundaries, wielding the tools to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and inspire others to dream beyond their circumstances. We empower them to become architects of their own lives, equipped with the skills, mindset, and experiences to shape a future defined by resilience, leadership, and boundless success

Our Programs

Sports and Extracurricular Empowerment

Exploration and Enrichment

Comprehensive Support and Empowerment

Community Engagement

Summer Program

Job Readiness and Mentorship

Our commitment is driven by the values of heart, family, and growth, embodying the essence of love for giving and helping.

As we navigate the waves of change together, the spirit of Youth Waves Beyond Watts, Inc. will continue to guide these remarkable teenagers toward a future filled with promise and possibility.