Our Programs

Sports and Extracurricular Empowerment

We recognize that many teenagers in Watts have a passion for sports, and we’re here to ensure they thrive. Through Youth Waves Beyond Watts, Inc., we supply basketball shoes, cover transportation expenses, and alleviate playing fees. This way, every aspiring athlete can fully engage in their chosen sports without barriers.

Exploration and Enrichment

We believe in broadening horizons. Our meticulously planned field trips to state parks, museums, waterparks, beaches, amusement parks, lakes, and kayaking excursions introduce these teenagers to experiences beyond their neighborhood. These adventures foster growth, self-discovery, and a broader outlook on life.

Comprehensive Support and Empowerment

Our commitment goes beyond material assistance. We offer essential resources such as clothing, shoes, food, and housing support. In addition, we facilitate family bonding experiences, mentorship connections, and tutoring programs that nurture academic excellence, personal development, and emotional well-being.

Community Engagement

We organize sports events, youth gatherings, and tailored activities, forging a sense of community and belonging. Our outreach initiatives encompass educational workshops and resources that empower teenagers with essential life skills.

Summer Program

Recognizing the significance of the summer months, we host an engaging summer program designed to keep teenagers off the streets. This comprehensive initiative combines educational workshops, sports, arts, and enlightening field trips, offering a secure and enriching space for growth and learning.

Job Readiness and Mentorship

With an eye on their futures, we guide youth in finding employment, provide job training, and cultivate essential workforce skills. Our mentorship program connects them with inspiring role models who steer them towards informed career choices and personal growth.

Our commitment is driven by the values of heart, family, and growth, embodying the essence of love for giving and helping.

As we navigate the waves of change together, the spirit of Youth Waves Beyond Watts, Inc. will continue to guide these remarkable teenagers toward a future filled with promise and possibility.